Born in 1950 in Mauritius, Jocelyn Thomasse started painting at the age  of 13 in the studio of the artist Serge Constantin. The latter, deceased in 1998, was a well known artist & stage designer who attended the Central School of Arts in London. After years of apprenticeship in Constantin’s studio, Thomasse started painting outdoors with Constantin’s group of painters of whom Roger Charoux (now 87) also a well known local artist.

Over the years Thomasse developed different styles although he reckons that drawing remains the backbone of painting. He seems now at 66 to have built up and developed his own style which lies somewhere between figurative and abstract art. He dislikes however being categorised and keeps saying that he likes painting with the feeling of the moment. Style doesn’t exist, feeling and power do.

His studio is situated at Cascavelle (west coast) and can be visited on appointment Telephone: (230) 5250 6502.

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